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... . >> (♪ ♪ ) . >> (♪ ♪ ). >> este miércoles jerry brown dio el informe de presupuesto de california . >> santiago lucero nos tiene los puntos más importantes . >> jerry brown se mostró optimista para el futuro de california . >> tenemos un defícit de 20 mil millones de dólares, el resultado es que tenemos un cuarto de los problemas del año pasado. >> (hablan en inglés) . >> el plan de gobernador no traera un límite del fondo público . >> los republicanos han acusado al gobernador de utilizar la tactica de miedo. >> se dice que la recuperación depende de dicho plan. >> el año pasado rebajamos por tres cuartos, este año tenemos que rebajar lo que nos queda, también tenemos que tener los impuestos necesarios para crear el california del futuro. >> como siempre son grandes los recortes vienen por encima de los que se han hecho cada año. >> el impacto es para personas de bajo ingreso. >> por ejemplo le dare un caso. >> la propuesta es recortar la ayuda a familias que necesitan trabajar y tienen hijos. >> encima de todo es bastante, vemos otros recortes, pero el impacto más intenso siempre es en bienestar
jerry brown gives an optimistic, yet sobering state of the state address saying california is on the mend while pitching higher taxes and budget cuts. >> and digging ourselves into a deep financial hole to do good is a bad idea. in too time of uncertainty, prudence and paying down debt is the best policy. >> brown also asked for support of california's multi-billiion dollar high-speed rail project. but is it headed for a crash? an in-depth report explores the issues. >> i'm sure in time that they're going to need the fast rail. but, you know, they don't have to take and just because they can where we're going to just take all this property away from people. >> court oversiegts of the state's prison system may be coming to an end as realignment helps reduce overcrowding with lower level offenders being shifted to county jail. and san francisco sheriff pleads not guilty to three misdemeanor charges at his arraignment while refusing calls for him to step down by groups fighting domestic abuse. >> belva: good evening. welcome to this week in northern california. joining me toni
for a conversation between tom brokaw and governor jerry brown. >> putting it as simply as i can, california is on the mend. >> reporter: there is a lot to mend. it's been a world of hurt during the down turn. a million jobs were lost when the housing bubble burst. when california unemployment dropped to just over 11% last week, that was good news. there was a time when california set the pace for america's economy. it remains a state of conspicuous wealth, but it is deep in debt. a year ago the budget deficit hit $26 billion plus. it's now about a 1/3 of that. to make up the rest, brown wants to raise the state's sales tax and is asking californians who pay the most taxes, the wealthy, to pay more. >> neither is popular, but both must be done. >> reporter: brown says it is the only way to protect the state's education system. >> i'm not doing this unilaterally. i'm putting it to the people and urging them, make the decision for california. >> reporter: now that he's back in california for his third term, a lot changed. governor brown is a lot older. it's a new century. it's not sunshine eve
. governor jerry brown wants to boost the grade point requirements to 3.25 for four year institutions and 2.75 at community colleges. >>> dozens of state parks are on the chopping block as california tries to bridge a $9 billion budget deficit. ktvu's robert handa spent the day looking for answers and is here now. >> reporter: this beach was open and cleaned today but many people are concerned it might not stay that way. >> reporter: it got crowded on this holiday. it is their favorite spot on their day off. >> i like going in the water. like being on the rocks. digging in the sand. >> reporter: many people are worried about the future. governor jerry brown is closing 70 states backs. it would not have state funded maintenance or security. >> this is a party beach so it needs to have somebody clean up. also, the bath rooms facilities and things like that, they are the only ones around. >> reporter: years ago maintenance was temporarily halted. >> it was a mess. a lot of transients and -- you know, nobody cleaning up the beaches. >> reporter: groups opponent out $22 million is a small part o
jerry brown's plan to raise the sales tax is gaining powerful friends and phose. the teachers association will back the plan and now independent business and taxpayers association are uniting against it. they say california is the third most taxed state in the nation. >>> they were the perfect couple to adopt a son but 10 years later that child is behind bars charged with their murders. ktvu's rob roth is live where he spoke to the people they helped during their life time. >> reporter: the 15-year-old admitted to the killings that happened here. people left flowers and candles, a memorial the family dedicated. authorities aren't saying why susan poff and robert kamin were killed. we learned the teen will be tride as an adult. they were -- tried as an adult. robert kamin was a physician's assistant in san francisco. >> susan was the wonderful woman. she had a unique ability to understand where they are coming from and help them. get better. >> reporter: susan poff helped get him off drugs, alcohol and the streets. >> she get on me about being stubborn. and i appreciated that,
los impuestos"; ese fue el mensaje del gobernador jerry brown en su segundo informe de gobierno desde que fue electo. --jaime peluffo nos trae un anlisis de lo que est en juego.. jaime. take anchor live take pkg el gobernador jerry brown empez su discurso de gobierno con un regaÑo cnico a los republicanos.. s.o.t. jerry brown/gobernador de california 21:47:00 their critic of my speech 24 hours ago.. brown dijo que criticaron su discurso hace 24 horas, cuando nisiquiera lo haba terminado de redactar. s.o.t. 23:21:00 again, i propose cuts and temporary taxes.. neither is popular, but both must be done. pero su discurso inmediatamente se torn serio y dijo que nuevamente propone recortes e impuestos temporales.. s.o.t. javier gonzález/analista político 4:31:00 este gobernador estaba hablando a la legislatura pero a la vez estaba hablandole a los californianos, presentando una visión optimista de la recuperación del estado. el analista javier gonzlez vio el discurso del gobernador y dice que anticipa una campaÑa pblica intensa para vender la idea del incremento de impuestos de venta
ne >> also governor jerry brown says get ready to bite the bullet. the consequences the state is facing financially. >>> the man accused of leading police on a chase that injured six officers was in court today. he did were all treated and released from the hospital. >>> the ninety-year-old man who was shot yesterday in a gun battle with a burglary suspect is improving. he has been upgraded to fair condition. he was shot when he confronted an intruder in his home. he is a :of the sheriff's air patrol. >>> their lives were changed by their service in afghanistan. ktvu's rob roth was at the air force base today as three bay area serviceman were honored with purple hearts. >> here at travis air force base, they know something is an specialist. he responded to a call and a explosive device had gone off. >> the only way i could describe it is like getting hit by a bus at 100 miles per hour and on fire. >> reporter: for a while he had nightmares. >> the two shoulders died, that shakes you up. >> reporter: his wife had her own fears. >> emotional being pregnant and with your husband over there
, se trata de medidas dolorosas pero necesarias, tras la peticion hecha por el gobernador jerry brown por la falta de fondos, trataran de no bajar los personales en policÍa ni en bibliotecas. >>> los trabajadores que viven en la ciudad tendrÁ un impacto en la ciudad. >>> y eso no es todo, el concilio verÁ como podra hacerlo con estos despidos. >>> el alguacil de san francisco se encuentra nuevamente en el ojo del huracÁn, el sheriff tiene acusaciones por violencia domestica. >>> escalofriantes detalles por el secuestro de una joven. >>> esta es la supuesta arma que no dispara plomo y el cuchillo que en su poder tenÍa el individuo cuÁndo secuestro a la joven que fue objeto de abuso sexual, la policÍa determino que es un arma que se usa en pelÍcula, llamadas de tiro blanco, no dispara municiÓn, los oficiales pensaron que estaban siendo atacados. >>> lee amenazaba a la joven con cuchillo. >>> llamaba a la madre de la victima amenazando que la mataria. >>> el equipo swat rescato a una bebÉ de las manos de su propio padre, en la calle oakland, despuÉs que se enfrentaran los padr
-24 are unemployed. california governor jerry brown had why it appeared there are more painful cuts in store. for. >>> on the economy watch tonight encouraging new numbers that qnumber of people seeking unemployment benefits fell last week. weekly applications dropped by 15,000 to 372,000. that's 11% lower than this time last year and the average over the past four with weeks declined to the lowest level in more than 3 years. %5d<)ú4qi]% end of the session. it closed down just two points. nasdaq did better. online gaming companies another new game today scrambled with friends being offered for mobile devices only. players compete to see how many words they can form with randomly assigned letters in two minutes. >>> meantime facebook users are being told to watch out for potentially damaging virus that's effected tens of thousands of people. that story ahead qin 7 minutes. >>> things got heated today in oakland city hall where occupy protesters demanded a meeting with the mayor. struggle broke out between police and protesters who tried to push their way inside. they demanded to meet with the may
. >>> now, to the man responsible for taking the money, governor jerry brown. he channelled it by saying reports of california's demise are exaggerated. he made the proclamation during the state of the state address in sacramento. jodi hernandez is live with more on the speech tonight. jodi? >> reporter: the governor delivered an awesome message. she tried to maintain a positive tone as we continue on a path that's far from easy. >> putting it as stiffly as i can, california is on the mend. >> reporter: governor jerry brown says he's determined to stay on the path of recovery in a 20 minute state of the state address, he spelled out his plan to get california out of debt while maintaining the status as the land of dreams. it's a plan that includes tax hikes. >> again, i propose cuts and taxes. neither is popular, but both must be done. >> reporter: if voters get behind the tax plan, schools will benefit. the alternative, painful cuts to education. >> it's impairtive to donate more tax dollars to the basic of public services. >> reporter: despite the challenges, he's going to invest more
, promulgada por el gobernador jerry brown para equilibrar el presupuesto. ---el dinero que se destinaba a dicha agencia local, tambien era utilizado con otros fines, incluidos los salarios de 159 trabajadores de la ciudad, y tambien para pagar la mitad del salario de la alcaldesa jean quan. ---se espera que mas de 150 empleados afectados reciban una notificacion durante esta semana confirmandoles su despido, pero algunos funcionarios locales temen que podrian ser hasta 200 los que perdern su trabajo. cu ---los padres desempleados de california, sufren otro duro reves. take vo ---ahora el gobernador, jerry brown, dice que les dar 2 aÑos para encontrar empleo antes de que pierdan sus beneficios de ayuda social o "welfare". ---bajo sta medida el estado ahorrara casi 2 mil millones de dolares, lo cual reducira el dficit presupuestal que enfrenta california. ---segun brown, el estado esta siendo castigado por el gobierno federal por tener muchos padres de familia que trabajan menos de 30 horas a la semana. ---algunos detractores aseguran que aun a personas muy capacitadas se les dificulta e
. >> (nm. >;> tras conocer la noticia, diferentes grupos se presentaron. >> jerry brown fue tajante para anunciar su plan de reducir servicios o aumentar impuestos. >> (hablan en inglés) . >> grupos de familia no dudaron en manifestarse en contra. >> olivia, residente, dice que la medida impactara el futuro de la familia de la región . >> (hablan en inglés) . >> es parte del programa de cuidado en el hogar, una opción que mantiene a los familiares en casa. >> no pagare mis impuestos, mi mamá también va a sufrir, la meteran en la casa de viejitos. >> también le afectara porque tiene un hijo con problemas. >> no tendrá de comer, gasolina para llevarlo dónde tengo que hacerlo. >> la situación es tan grave que apoyaria un aumento a los impuestos en vez de perder ayuda. >> quiero que mi hijo tenga algo que lo ayude. >> oakland le envio notificaciones de despedidos a más de dos mil empleados . >> recibieron una carta dónde les informan que será despedidos. >> el 31 de enero el consejo de oakland dira quienes serán despedidos o trasladados,. >>el alguacil de san francisco ser
] and then of course there are members of your school board who are here with what jerry brown is doing to them in sacramento on the budget side they certainly will be coming to your door quite often for assistance, so they are here. president of that board -- actually works for you, i do mendozmendoza. [applause] there are other school board members whose name i will get in a minute. then there are as the remainder of the official family of san francisco, and before i goethe to those official members, however, i think i should identify some of your real friends. you are identified now is the high-tech mayor in the country. every high-tech organization is looking forward to doing something in san francisco. the other day i saw a newspaper that 400,000 square feet had been acquired for 18 years by salesforce.com and is the second step and justifying your title in that role. i think that should be appropriately and knowledge, and people like ron conway to work here as part of that effort. and of course of your own chinese chamber of commerce incidently involved over there to my right. and [applau
. >>> governor jerry brown unveiled a new budget today and while the deficit is smaller this year than last deep cuts are made if voters reject his call to race taxes. >> it's not a fortunate telling budget. >> governor jerry brown says hiç plan to eliminate the state's deficit depends on you. as a vote are and a taxpayer. >> because we're going to assume that we're going to get the temporary income tax and the temporary sales tax we have to put in trigger cuts, otherwise the budget would not be balanced. in other words, if voters don't approve a one half per cent sales tax increase and a tax increase on the rich deep deep cuts will have to be made. >> the schools, the courts, the university, and there's some state public safety services. >> so is the governor playing politics? >> jerry brown knows that taxpayers are not going to be happy about raising taxes next year unless there are consequences tied with rejecting the taxes. >> and taxpayer watch dogs say the public will see through theç increases. >> we have heard these arguments before the california voters haven't bought it in the last e
of high-speed rail but governor jerry brown has something else to say. >>> company came up with a treatment for the most common time of skin cancer. how it works. cçrrú ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on >>> the national transportation safety board stepped upilities investigation of jeep liberty suvs after owners reported their air bags went off by surprise. they began investigating last september but this week upgraded. chrysler tracked the problem to a computer chip. >>> governor jerry brown says the estimates of the high-speed rail project are too high. some say it will cost $100 billion but in an interview, governor jerry brown did not offer his own estimate but he said he is trying to rework the first phase of the project to make it more acceptable. the governor said he thinks cap and trade fees charged to carbon emission producers c
services. >> so is the governor playing politics? >> jerry brown knows that taxpayers are not going to be happy about raising taxes next year unless there are consequences tied with rejecting the taxes. >> and taxpayer watch dogs say the public will see through the increases. >> we have heard these arguments before the california voters haven't bought it in the last eight years and i doubt they're going to buy it now. >> but even the governor admits it's not a perfect budget or timing. >> we don't have clairevoyance. >> the governor having a laugh that it was released five days early as it was posted on line. >>> more details now on the budget unveiled today by the governor. it contains $4.2 billion in cuts with health and human services taking the biggest hit. 946 million would be sliced from cal works. the health care program faces cuts as well. the technical glitch mistakenly posted the budget to public website today. >>> if you're one of the hundreds of millions of people who use facebook a word of warning tonight. a security company says some 45,000 facebook accounts have been
, jerry brown will deliver the state address. >> and among the budget cuts he's proposing is a radical one. a reduction of more than a billion dollars for state prisons. brown said on friday that the state has built too many prisons in the last several years. >>> and the 49ers got off to a dramatic win and they're on the way to the nfc playoffs. san francisco is leading by five with less than two minutes left in the game. drew brees of the new orleans saints connected with brown to put his team out front, but then just seconds to go, alex smith got the niners right back down the field and with seconds left, he hit vernon davis with the touchdown. final score, 36-32 and the 49ers advance to the nfc championship to play the winner of today's game between the giants and the packers. it was a great afternoon. >> yes, a lot of celebrations all over the bay area. 49er fans still coming off the high from the nail biting victory last night. fans went wild as they cheered their team on. they've been waiting for years to get to the playoffs and now they're headed to the championship. some are confid
there is a big change in california, that jerry brown, jerry brown is saying listen, we want you to drill. we want to put people to work, we want to be more pro-business. you have complained at times about california. are you seeing this jerry brown? >> california is and continues to be one of the worst states in the united states for business. if you look at "ceo" magazine, which does a poll of chief executives every year on the climate for business in the various states, california has ranked dead last five years in a row. and jerry brown is -- is as bad as any of them have been. he is as bad as he was in his first term. he is building this $100 billion train that goes from some town in the center of california to some other town in the center of california, spending money. we've got taxes that are the third worst in the united states in california. it's a shame what an opportunity here is in california and how awfully the governors of california, and i include arnold before him and gray davis before that. it's not just governor moon beam. they're doing a terrible job. >> all right. had to
. his bill was prohibit them from using them to make money. late last year, governor jerry brown vetoed that bill. >> you tried to fix this problem. it failed. why? >> you know, i'm hard pressed understand it. >> do you blame the governor? >> ultimately, a conflict producing millions of dollars for cities, counties and the state. >> it's not something that i want to tolerate. >> the red light revenue generators and a system filled with don flikt and lacking accountable ity. >> you're probably not going to be surprised to learn that people in the bay area want this fixed. will it get fixed. >> >> well, it's up to the governor. >> so in his veto message, governor brown said local elected leaders sould design the future of red light cameras and not standardized by the state. but, remember, the state is making a whole bunch of money right here in california. now, senator promises to revamp his red light camera bill and hopes to have it back on the fwov nor's desk before this year's legislative session ends in september. >> now, if you missed the investigation, you can watch it online and se
... cu ---el gobernador jerry brown tuvo que responder inesperadamen te a su propuesta de presupuesto hoy .. y aunque l no estaba preparado, los recortes de dinero si los estaban .. gabriela dellan nos explica... intro gaby: la propuesta del presupuesto general de california 2012-2013 no solo salio antes de lo anticipado sino que trajo algunas malas nuevas ... --- las malas noticias viajan rapido en este caso antes de lo que se esperaban .. ya que el presupuesto de gobierno de california que seria presentado el prximo martes fue expuesto publicamente por error. -- ante el suceso el gobernador realizo una conferencia de prensa para explicar el plan --- pero preste atencion porque si usted recibe dinero o servicios del estado por ser de bajos recursos o mayor de edad ... quizas no quede satisfecho con este nueva propuesta ---y si usted tiene un hijo en algunas de las etapas del sistema escolar tendr que esperar para entender que significa este nuevo presupuesto -- ya que brown implanto una serie de medidas en los impuestos para las elecciones de noviembre que pretende recolectar 5 millones
jerry brown is seeking the same thing. >>> rick santorum is trying to build on the momentum from the iowa caucuses but the polls from new hampshire show him way behind mitt romney. can he change that? the rick :reporter: good evenin it is interesting. he is starting to shake things up. rick santorum campaign was essentially left for dead. go back two days. what he did in iowa. now the question will be, can he do the same thing in new hampshire? >> reporter: is really here. >> rick santorum can thank conservative votes for his strong sewing in iowa. they refused to rally behind michele bachmann and rick perry. now he is trying to strike the same tone in new hampshire. >> i trust the people of new hampshire. if i ask you to do do, lead, do what :best interest of the country. i don't have to tell you what that answer is. >> reporter: extra scrutiny. we are seeing analysts pour through his record. other candidates are also jumping in. >> if you think of us as partners he would have been the junior partner. >> we will perfect? no. no, i am not. i made my mistakes. the problem for rick
right. governor jerry brown up in sacramento lays out an incredibly ambitious plan with no money. he wants high-speed rail. he wants to redo the delta. he wants to make california the golden state again and is broke. what's going on? >> i think jerry brown is doing what he should do. he is looking out obviously for his legacy. you have to do projects, phil. if you are an executive you have to do projects. and you don't worry about the money. no different from what i did when i started as mayor. >> well, how does that work? he is out there trying to tell people we have to raise taxes because we're cutting schools for education, talking about $100 billion railway system -- >> at one time in this state we were the leaders in education publicly financed education. that's how i got my education. jerry brown is going to take us back to those glory days. and while he doesn't have the answer of how he can afford it at the moment, he'll get there. >> sounds like you when you go shopping for clothes. [ laughter ] >> the difference is, my credit card has long since been maxed. and like donald
, california became the sixth state to charger this kind of corporation, which jerry brown signing it into law in california. today, on introducing legislation that would provide city contract in incentives. to receive this bid preference, a business would have to be legally recognized as a b corporation. at the end of the day, i think it is important to our city, which has been home to many entrepreneurial ventures, to state that we are open for business to these types of companies. i think it is important that we continue to be a leader of those countries -- companies. i hope that this legislation goes through the process that you will agree with that and that we will move it forward. the rest of items i will submit. secretary: thank you. supervisor campos? supervisor campos: thank you. i have a number of items, but i have won the i am submitting with others. this is for the very important distinction of being a new affiliate of the smithsonian institute. the mexican museum has just announced that it received this distinction, being named an affiliate of the world renown the smithsonian inst
what jerry brown's budget will present to us, or what obama cannot do in this new administration, the things that are going to go on. or i could say, i am going to work with the most innovative part of our society, people who want to help the government to better. we have really positive things to do and be positive about the way we run government. that is what i want to get to. i know the board of supervisors want to get to that as well. we need to find solutions, and this is a way to invite people who are interested in doing it. >> [inaudible] if it would actually create jobs, it would get things done. >> i would say, for example, when small businesses complain there are a myriad of permits and fees and all kinds of applications that are not all in one place. we will take a look at that. it is even the startup companies that ron represents, it is a myriad of application they are facing. can we have one place, repeated things that come at us every few months that our new that we did not know about that we can discover? human rights certification process, the small business commi
¿. >> jerry brown dice que california tiene dinero suficiente, pero la oficina de análisis calcula que el estado dorado generara menos dinero y se podría traducir en más recortes de presupuestos . >> se puso a disposición del público un sitio para que los contribuyentes vean en como se gasta el presupuesto . >> los creadores reconocen que el contenido no es neutral ya que tiene un enfoque de los republicanos . >> como le dijimos ayer el gobierno estadounidenses aprobó el beneficio para los hondureños . >> señor calderón . >> cuáles salvadoreños califican?. >> todos los que se han registrado en el tps y que tienen vigente su proceso en el tps también califican las personas que están en otros procesos migratorios y tienen la oportunidad de realizar el registro tardio . >> el proceso termina en 60 días el 12 de marzo y se recomienda hacerlo lo más pronto posible . >> por si hubiere rechazos en las palicaciones . >> el costó de 380 y 85 si quiere un permiso para trabajar . >> si no solo gastara 85 dólares . >> y que pasa si el solicitante no tiene dinero?. >> la misma inmigra
jerry brown embarked on a 2-day state-wide tour to build support for higher taxes following his state of the state address today. the governor wants californians who earn $250,000 or more a year to pay a little more in taxes. the governor says the tax is necessary to fill a massive budget hole, estimated at $9.2 billion. he wants a vote on the proposal set for this november's election. brown says without it, are the state could face drastic school cuts. it would also allow school districts to be more flexible with their curriculum. >> my budget proposes to replace programs with a new weighted student formula that provides a basic level of funding with additional money for disadvantaged students and those struggling to learn english. this will give more authority to local school districts to fashion the kind of programs they see their students need. it will also create transparency, reduce bureaucracy, and simplify complex funding extremes. >> the governor talked about the los angeles to san francisco high-ped rail project today. its estimate has dramatically increased since funding wa
a tiempo para entrar al kinder regular.. pero el nuevo presupuesto del gobernador jerry brown no incluye fondos para este programa... s.o.t. wendy sewell/maestra de kindergarden 11:33:00 en el distrito donde yo enseñé hubieron muchos, la mayoría de los niños no fueron a preescolar, entonces entran en kínderes, su primer año en la escuela y no están bien preparados .. esta maestra de kinder asisti hoy a esta junta en el centro de convenciones de santa clara donde el senador estatal joseph simitian ofreci un resumen sobre el futuro de este programa.. s.o.t. joseph simitian/senador estatal 3:08:00 so having 125 thousand kids there's no place for them to go in the kinder garden they were expected to go to.. simitian dijo que decirle a 125 mil alumnos que no podrn asisitir a clases y forzar a sus padres a pagar por guardera en medio de una recesin no debera ni considerarse.. simitian junto a las asociacin de kinder y la organizacin preschool california estn uniendo fuerzas para impedir el recorte.. s.o.t. catherine atkin/presidente, preschool california 16:28:00 this is not a proposal
that when it comes to oakland covering the cost to build a new sports venue, governor jerry brown recently eliminated $1.4 billion of redevelopment money in order to reduce the state's budget. that made it harder for oakland to keep its three professional teams in town. >> and now that redevelopment money is gone and we do not have other resources,, we are seeing more talent is. >>haaziq: the oakland raiders' new owner says a new stadium is not out of the question. >> we will try to get something done up here but if we cannot, we will have to get something done it somewhere. >>haaziq: oakland is not the only town that moscow on redevelopment money. >> loss angeles, san jose, it is going to be a lot tougher, but it is possible. we have land, we have the perfect location. no other side has the transportation infrastructure that we have. we are in a better position than anywhere else. >>grant: here is an overhead view of where their raiders currently plague. the silver and black could be headed south like all the way to los angeles. and they could be headed to downtown l.a.. did not forget, t
, california is on the mend. >> reporter: that was governor jerry brown's assessment of california and his prescription for getting it whole again? >> cuts and taxes neither popular but both need to be done. >> reporter: the cuts will likely be the social safety net programs something even his fellow democrats are resisting. >> most of these programs are already cut to the bone. >> the details inside the budget is what we have to debate. >> reporter: as usual, the republicans are dead set against any tax hikes. >> it was ironic, he praised veteran hour capitalists the 1%, the very people he wants to taxes and drive out of the state.
. >> california has problems. but rumors or its demise are greatly exaggerated. [ applause ] >> governor jerry browne wrapped up his state of the state address 90 minutes ago. he says california is coming back. >>> good afternoon, aim tori campbell. the governor has outlined an ambitious plan to california's future but warned it will take deep cuts or higher taxs to get back on sound financial footing. we aired the state of the state address in its entirety and ken prichard joins us live with reaction. good afternoon. >> reporter: ken. >> reporter: good afternoon. the speech today last about 20 minutes as opposed to 15 last year. it was more optimistic, talk of more cuts to come but not as much as last year, there is a sense it is turning a corner. governor brown started his speech with a playful jab at the republicans who had actually released their response to his state of the state address yesterday. even before the governor had written his speech. >> and i do want to say i didn't know that you were psychics and that you possessed the powers of precognition, after the speech i want to check
religion but to protect religion from government. >> kim. >> a hit to jerry brown for his honesty. california is about to run the first in the nation state program for cap-and-trade. to regulate carbon emissions and the governor came clean and said he intends to use half of the money generated from the program to pay down the state's deficit, in other words this is exactly what critics always said, it is a tax on energy, to give people like mr. brown mr. ability to spend. >> james. >> a rehit, really, to eli manning, you recall at the end of the summer before the nfl season began he said that he was an elite quarterback and some people expressed skepticism including the moderator of the program and i gave him the hit and i thought he showed
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